When should I go through my insurance vs. paying out of pocket?

If you carry a low insurance deductible  of $100 or lower it will most definitely be cheaper for you to use your comprehensive insurance for a vehicle glass claim .  If your deductible is $250 to $500 then most likely it will be cheaper to have your glass paid for out of pocket.

Most windshields cost between $200 and $300.  The price goes up for new/newer vehicles with more windshield options.  Some of these options include rain sensor, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), heated windshield option to name a few.

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How does the windshield rock chip repair process work?

Many people ask us how the magic of a windshield chip repair works. The process is the same even for different equipment. First the machine draws a vaccum on the crack by removing all the air. Once a vaccum is pulled resin is then gravity fed into the crack. The windshield is then pressurized to force the resin out into the ends of the crack thereby sealing off the crack. This prevents the crack from spreading. The repair will still be noticeable but the point is to save the windshield. If the damage to your glass is directly in front of your field of vision then you should consider a windshield replacement. Send us a pic of your damaged windshield and we can help advise you on whether a repair or replacement is best for you. Text us at 804-519-4218
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